This is our conception of ‘wide sound’: a rich, extended but always precise bass, smooth and detailed mids, crystal-clear and spacious highs.

The vastness of the sound environment leads to a unique and emotional experience where the listener can immerse himself to enjoy his favourite music. 


The Tian Shan, also Known as the Tengri Tagh or Tengir-Too, meaning the Mountains of Heaven or the Heavenly Mountain, is a large system ranges located in Central Asia.



High-gloss, hypoallergenic German premium lacquer applied by hand for a unique, high-quality appearance.


High-quality resin shells 3D printed and hand-processed one-by-one by our skilled artisans.

Custom-made brushed bronze metallic finish inlay with distinctive Gaudio brand letter G.


  • Tri-Hybrid Configuration
  • 1 Dynamic speaker (Low), 1 Balanced Armature driver (Mid), 1 Magnetostatic speaker (High)
  • 3 Way-System passive Crossover
  • Impedance @1kHz = 26ohm
  • 107dB SPL/mW
  • 100hm 1kHz
Gaudio Tian iem


Tubeless 3D-Printed chambers for precise acoustic performance

Ergonomic shaped design for stable and comfortable fit

Premium Balanced Armature Drivers

Gaudio Tian iem
Gaudio Tian iem
Gaudio Tian iem
Gaudio Tian iem


Tian cable nullaudio

Premium 2-Pin High-purity UP-OCC copper cable AWG26, 4 braids (4,4mm BAL.), with gold plated connectors. Customized for Gaudio by Null-Audio Singapore and assembled by hand.

Gaudio new pouch

New Gaudio pouch, styled by our expert designers. Includes double inner mesh for earphone/accessories storage and protection from shocks and scratches. Elegant black leatherette finish, accentuated with an embossed Gaudio logo positioned at the top.

Symbio eartips Gaudio silicon

5 pairs of Symbio high-grade soft-silicone eartips (XS, S, M, L, XL)

Cleaning tool to remove wax debris.

QC Card Gaudio

Warranty Card and hand-signed QC Card.

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