The finest possible sound quality.

It was clear from the beginning where we wanted to bring our products in terms of sound quality. Big efforts went therefore into the acoustics design of the earphones in order to achieve the desired results.

Our belief is to provide a correct timbre for both instruments and vocals and a superior detail retrieval in the entire audible frequency range. This is the standard in our high-quality products.

After a long and in-depth optimisation process, we were able to earn the most of each speaker and blend together for a coherent and seamless sound delivery. Our models are conceived to rival the best out there.

The micro detailing, realistic and stable placement in the stage of instruments, the great vocal performance will make you deeply connected to your preferred artists for a superior experience.

Get lost in the space surrounding you.


3d core

The 100% tubeless design integrates specially tuned acoustic chambers enclosed in a high-precision 3D printed solid material core.

With fewer moving parts and precise positioning, it is now possible to precisely recreate the soundstage, accurately localise instruments and vocals, and achieve truly high-resolution sound.


The technology eliminates the need to use traditional fabric damping to handle high frequencies, allowing all the sound nuances of the sound transducer to be preserved and transmitted directly to the ear, for an extended and crystal-clear sound rendition.


Metallic soundbore technology enables the faithful rendering of the instrumental timbre. By using metals and alloys, we are able both to reduce vibrations that can introduce unwanted distortions and to achieve an accurate tone of the harmonics in the music.


Our world-acclaimed ergonomic design has been developed by studying hundreds of different ear scans in order to achieve a secure and comfortable fit for hours of listening pleasure whether on the go, in the studio or on stage. 

The result is an ergonomic design with an anatomical shape that for most customers fits as it was crafted for their own ears.

The new pseudo-custom fit in a metal body holds the key to unsurpassed durability and comfort.

The product fits deep in the ear canal and provides up to 25 dB of noise isolation.


The choice of high-grade materials is one of the pillars of our philosophy.

Acrylic inserts with the Gaudio logo printed on it as a proud sign of quality and distinctiveness.

Sturdy Aluminium alloy body for its lightweight and solid mechanical attributes.

High-grade anodizing finish to enhance both the durability and aesthetics of your earphones.

Polished stainless steel for its hypoallergenic properties and eye-catching look.

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