Clariden (B-stock)

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This model takes a different approach within its market sector, moving the listener closer to the performer, without losing the correctness of timbres.

The bass region is slightly elevated, fast and with great detailing to engage the listener; the mids are tuned for an intimate, palpable and crystal clear experience; the treble region is crisp and further extended for a realistic airy rendition and a superior treble articulation.


This offer refers to a product which was found to have some assembly imperfections (such as scratches/abrasions/misalignment of one part/colour mismatch/etc) and therefore has not passed our final visual quality inspection.
The product comes anyway in brand new and fully working condition.

The product is sold with a limited 6-month warranty that covers any functional defects.
Aesthetic defects are excluded from the warranty.

The product ship in non-retail packaging and include all accessories, in brand new condition.

Cosmetic rating: Good

6/6 Perfect
5/6 Excellent
4/6 Very Good
3/6 Good
2/6 Fair
1/6 Poor

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