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Dear reader, I would like to present you the official product names and the reason behind them.

Since Gaudio is based in the south of Switzerland, we would say that our company is ‘Nested in the Swiss Alps’.

I like mountains, for many reasons. For the fact that they were here long before us, and they will stay long after we leave.

A symbol of longevity and immutability.

I also like the different shapes of their ridges and the story behind them. Sometimes a strategic and arduous barrier to cross or to conquer, other times a magnificent landscape which we discover after a long climb.

With their purity and unspoilt nature, they dominate everything.

Sometimes their name guards their history or the tale of the men who have dared to climb them.

Pointed and solitary peaks that stand out in the sky, surrounded by perennial glaciers, or soft forms, rich in watercourses and forests, where faunas and flora proliferate.

Mountains are capable of evoking emotions, of awakening something innate within us; they are capable of disconnecting us from everyday life, making us lose the concept of time and letting us enjoy the feeling of lightness and freedom.


These are the same emotions that I would like people to experience while listening to music through our products.

So, without further ado, I present to you our chosen product names:



Altitude: 3.056mt above sea level.
Name: From Romansh ‘Black peak’.

This mountain is situated in between the Canton of Grisons and the Canton of Uri.

Piz Nair is the highest point in the Corviglia ski area. It offers great views of the Engadin valley and the surrounding mountains and overlooks the famous village of Saint Moritz which is situated underneath.



Altitude: 3.267mt above sea level.
Name: Derived from ‘Clareta’ Latin ‘clarus’, which means light, bright, shiny.

The cantonal borders between Glarus and Uri runs over the summit.

Large glaciers cover its South side, while the opposite side is characterized by steep flanks which open up to a breath-taking view over the Klausenpass and the beautiful surrounding valleys.




‘300 SERIES’

In addition, a second “subgroup” name was created to accurately identify the performance of the various models.

The two models presented here are both part of our ‘300 Series’.

Eventual future lower performing models will be included in lower series (200, 100), while higher performance models will have a higher series number (400, 500).




 “ And into the mountains I go to loose my mind and find my soul ”

Pradip Shaw – John Muir

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