NAIR 2022

Gaudio Nair 2022 iem

This is our take on a reference type of tuning, for professional mixing and mastering or for the most demanding audiophiles.

The sound consist of extended, linear and detailed bass, with slightly elevated mids to treble region for better articulation, separation and detailing.

The result is an earphone which is transparent and accurate to the original master and works remarkably well as a high-level all-rounder or a precise studio tool.


Mountains are capable of evoking emotions, of awakening something innate within us; they are capable of disconnecting us from everyday life, making us lose the concept of time and letting us enjoy the feeling of lightness and freedom.
These are the same emotions that we would like people to experience while listening to music through our products.



Altitude: 3.056mt above sea level.
Name: From Romansh ‘Black peak’.


Premium advanced Swiss-developed Titanium-based black anodising coating 2x harder than standard ones, 5x harder than uncoated alloy.

A plain light grey shade with black logo on the inlay to convey NAIR’ neutral, studio reference-like character.


High-grade aluminum alloy body machined from a solid block of metal by CNC milling machine.
Stainless steel nozzle machined from solid metal rod by automatic turning machine, with polished satin effect for a unique look.

These materials feature superior mechanical properties for durable, robust ‘like no other’ high-end earphones.


  • 3 precision Balanced Armature Drivers (Low/Mid/High)
  • 3 Way-System proprietary Crossover
  • Impedance @1kHz = 26ohm
  • Up to 25dB Noise Isolation
  • 118dB SPL/mW


Gaudio Nair 2022 iem
Gaudio Nair 2022 iem
Gaudio Nair cable nullaudio iem
Gaudio pouch 2022 iem
Gaudio Nair silicon eartips iem


High-quality detachable cable for an exceptional performance and an aesthetically pleasing look: 2-Pin Silver-plated High-purity UP-OCC copper cable 4 braids, finished with high quality Copper 2-PIN connectors and 3,5mm jack (Gold plated), in black Aluminium alloy for barrels and connectors. Assembled by hand.

A pouch case with Gaudio logo embossed on it, to carry your earphones everywhere.

Soft high-grade silicone earpieces, in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL).

Cleaning tool to remove wax debris.

Warranty Card.

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