Headfonics product Review – Gaudio Nair and Clariden

Marcus of Headfonics has been a music enthusiast for years and is highly respected in the audiophile environment.

Read his in-depth review of our Nair and Clariden in-ears here:

Final score 8.7/10: a great debut!

Gaudio Nair & Clariden Review



An extract:

” ..attention to detail, engineering precision, and accuracy come to mind. In many ways, that is how I feel about the Clariden and in particular, the Nair. “





” The Nair tuning is indeed more reference as in more linear than the Clariden with a flatter low-end up to 1k before it elevates from 1k onwards. In fact, beyond 2k I honestly do not hear a lot of unevenness in the Nair’s tuning so it is very consistent sounding. “

” That solidity bodes well for a pacey mids delivery which sounds superbly balanced. Yes, vocals, particularly female vocals have a bias but the overtone lacks any harshness or nasty metallic overtones. “


” The Clariden seems to follow a more classic U-shaped FR with more of a sub-to-mid emphasis and elevation as well as a slightly warmer fuller sound signature than the Nair below 1k. “

” For me, the Clariden seems to be aiming for the key points in the FR that we tend to pick out very easily on casual listening, namely the low-end, vocals/percussion, and clarity beyond. “


” For a freshman debut, the Nair and Clariden are tastefully tuned and engineered to a very high level indeed. “

” [..] Gaudio’s level of care and attention to detail to each monitor combined with the excellent quality 3rd party cable from Satin Audio is a definite confidence builder. “

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