Headfonia product Review – Gaudio Nair and Clariden

Headfonia is a well-regarded website that deals with high quality portable devices.

Read their in-depth review of our Nair and Clariden in-ears here!

Gaudio Nair & Clariden Review

An extract:


“The Nair is placed as a neutral to mid-forward sounding monitor in Gaudio’s line-up. And to my ears, that is very true. “

“In terms of technical performance the Nair does a good job again. It has high resolution, especially for a 3BA design. It stretches a realistic stage, but it won’t throw you into an arena. So expect dimensions of a small concert hall rather than an open air event. Nair has an almost holographic stage, where musicians are portrayed in front of you.”

“Instruments are separated with great precision and air around them. Telling individual instruments apart in the constructed stage is not a problem with Nair. It creates enough air surrounding the instruments and vocalists.”

“Nair also is a very truthful monitor. It doesn’t smudge over blemishes, but rather shows them to you in their totality. Nair likes to be fed with quality mastering. If your files sound bad from the beginning, Nair won’t cover that up for you.”



“Clariden extends in similar levels down to sub-bass like Nair, but it possesses higher weight and more punch. It has very nice air and texture in the lows, which also come with authority and drive. Bass sounds full, rich, tight and fast. With Clariden you get a well rounded bass segment, that does not hold back on energy.”

“Clariden creates a similar stage than Nair. You get everything in a small concert hall. Clariden has good resolution and rendering. It carefully places each instrument in the scene and enables the listener to highly accurate imaging. Instrumental separation is good, where there is just the right amount of air around the instruments.”



“Gaudio jumped into the market with quite an offer. The package they put together is very appealing.”


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