Gaudio: behind the brand

I’m the founder of Gaudio, a Swiss-based in-ear audio company. I’m a passionate music listener as music represents a constant reality in my everyday life. 

Given my passion, in 2018 I decided to start engineering my own pair of universal in-ears, focusing only on sound quality.

This brought to the creation of the brand named Gaudio, located in Switzerland, later in June 2019.

We are a Swiss company that engineers, designs, and builds state of the art audio earphones / in-ear monitors for both audiophiles and professionals.

Everything is conceived ‘in house’ from the ground up, which includes both the acoustics and the earphone assembly parts.

Gaudio is the acronym of my family name and the word “audio”. But it also comes from the latin “gaudium” which means enjoyment, happiness and delight.

These words do exactly represent my vision of what Gaudio in ears want to bring to people’s everyday life.

You know, from time to time we face difficult moments in our lives and I strongly believe music does help; music is something that walks by my side since always, I believe  many of you would share the same feeling about it.

An impressive number of hours, efforts and research were required to create our first in-ears monitors/earphones. This is entirely due to the fact that we didn’t want to create an ordinary product, but instead, our aim was to create an excellent product of it’s own, capable of competing with the best out there.

We are very satisfied with the result and we are confident that we are going to bring you great listening pleasure.

Gaudio Team

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