Pinco pallo


The finest possible sound quality.

It was clear from the beginning where we wanted to bring our products in terms of sound quality. Big efforts went therefore into the acoustics design of the earphones in order to achieve the desired results.

Our belief is to provide a correct timbre for both instruments and vocals and a superior detail retrieval in the entire audible frequency range. This is the standard in our high-quality products.

After a long and in-depth optimisation process, we were able to earn the most of each speaker and blend together for a coherent and seamless sound delivery. Our models are conceived to rival the best out there.

The micro detailing, realistic and stable placement in the stage of instruments, the great vocal performance will make you deeply connected to your preferred artists for a superior experience.

Get lost in the space surrounding you.


Elegant, modern and unique design, smooth curves for a seamless appearance and sharp lines for durable, performance-oriented product aesthetics.

A combination of different materials and finishing for an attractive visual and a pleasant feel to the touch.
An unprecedented combination for an outstanding result.


Comfortable to wear for hours.
One of the biggest challenges we had was to achieve a snug fit, and preserve enough space to accommodate the internal parts.

For this reason, we analysed hundreds of ear moulds, people of different age, gender and ethnicity in order to discover and create the perfect shape to build our design on.

The harmonious surfaces allow the earphones to gently rest in your concha and cymba, contouring your tragus and allowing some degree of rotation for optimal positioning; the insertion is angled and deep for an optimal sound transmission and noise isolation.

Everything was carefully conceived for your personal comfort and peace of mind.

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