The choice of high-grade materials is one of the pillars of our philosophy.

Acrylic inserts with the Gaudio logo printed on it as a proud sign of quality and distinctiveness.

Sturdy Aluminium alloy body for its lightweight and solid mechanical attributes.

Natural color anodizing finish to enhance both the durability and aesthetics of your earphones.

Polished stainless steel for its hypoallergenic properties and eye-catching look.


Quality is an inherent part of our brand philosophy. And we spread it all over the entire engineering, design and assembly process.

Going from a meticulous and repeatable positioning of the speakers to a well-engineered solution providing a constant performance and less variance between different production batches.

Careful handling of all the electronic parts by strictly observing an ESD-compliant process.

Two intermediate and a complete final sound quality & aesthetics check before shipping the units out.


Our commitment to quality, performance, precision, use of high-grade materials and outstanding workmanship.

All this captured in the following words: SWISS MADE. And we are proud of it.

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