Swiss precision in the making of Hi-End In-Ear monitors for Pro Musicians and Audiophiles around the globe

TÖDI iem




For music enthusiasts looking for in-ear audio headphones, whether travelling around the globe, or comfortably seated in their own living room. Close your eyes and become part of the performance.

For professionals out there: ranging from mastering studio engineers, to live stage performers such as singers, drummers, guitarists or bass players to musicians who perform in ensemble or large orchestras.

If you are looking for in-ear stage monitors you should not look any further. The isolation on our universal in-ear is among the best out there and close to the isolation delivered by custom moulded in-ears. 

Coupled with high-quality craftsmanship and superior audio quality, our models will be the end of your quest for the best in-ear monitors to work with.

Gaudio provides a high-quality rendition without compromise. For music enthusiasts & professionals who demand the best!


Gaudio Tian iem

NAIR 2022


Gaudio Nair 2022 iem



We love what we do!

Everything is conceived ‘in house’ from the ground up, which includes both the acoustics and the earphones assembly parts. 

The earphones get assembled by hand in Switzerland: Gaudio ‘in-ears’ are crafted from the finest materials and thoroughly engineered by a team of highly skilled specialists.

At Gaudio we are obsessed with customer service and always keep our customers’ needs in mind. We strive to offer a superior experience; we strongly value your feedback and we are always open to suggestions.

We are passionate music enthusiasts like you are, and we are among the hardest to please. Which is why we have put incredible effort into the acoustics design.

We now trust Gaudio meets impressive quality standards and we believe you are going to love our products.


Our commitment to quality, performance, precision, use of high-grade materials and outstanding workmanship.

All this captured in the following words: SWISS MADE.

And we are proud of it.


We strive to give our customer the best audio experience, and that extends to all our accessories. Have a look in to it, and discover our world of passion.